It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yep, Christmas is right around the corner. Most of us will either be all wrapped and ready, or putting it off until the last minute. It’s the season of giving, but for some lucky couples, this month will be about more than just Christmas.

You may think that getting married this time of year is crazy, but a December wedding can be an amazing experience. Remember, Christmas is only one day out of the month, so there’s plenty of time for your wedding and a gorgeous wintry reception.

Christmas-Themed Weddings

Holly can be either Christmasy or just wintry!

When planning a December wedding, you have a choice: either keep it traditional, or go all out on the festive theme. We recommend the latter, as the holly jolly holiday style is amazing to work with, and your guests will love it!

With a Christmas wedding you can have everything from baubles and tinsel to ice sculptures and even a Christmas tree. It’s the sparkiest season of all, so make sure everything is shiny and glittery!

If you’re wedding is in December, but you don’t want to go all out on the Christmas theme, you can incorporate a little bit of Christmas into your designs that are subtle but still fun!


White and gold are THE classic wedding colours. They work together perfectly, matching the wedding dress and the gold rings. However, because they are so popular, the ‘big white wedding’ theme isn’t as memorable as it could be. How to make it more memorable? Add red!

Red is an underrated colour for weddings. As the colour of love there’s often some red, used for hearts on stationery and decorations, but it’s an untapped goldmine (or red-mine!). It’s a perfect choice for your wedding stationery as red designs really have the ‘wow’ factor. It looks great on anything from menus to place cards, especially if your tablecloths are white!

Christmas wedding invitation

           Red & Green are the perfect Christmasy combo!


If you really want to be bold, you can mix in green too. It may be too chilly for an outdoor wedding, so why not bring a bit of gorgeous greenery inside? It’s a classic Christmas colour, and if you want to add leaves and flowers to your stationery, it makes them stand out like nothing else!

Blue might not be the first colour people think of when you say ‘Christmas’, but it’s an amazing choice for a wintry style. Pale blues are a subtle choice and goes well with white and silver to turn your venue into a winter wonderland.

A more subtle Christmas invitation – blue always looks great!

Whatever colour you choose, we can create stationery to match and complement it. If you like a design in our galleries, but the colour isn’t right for you, we can create a unique version with our bespoke design service!


If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, you’re already doing something bold. The best way to share this with your invitees is by making your invitations stand out. Bright colours and beautiful accessories are one thing, but why not push the boat out and make your invites a unique shape?

Some of our favourite invitation designs to create are circular! Not only are they a fun surprise when they are pulled out of the envelope, but we can match them to your theme too. A snowball, snowman, or a Christmas pudding will show your guests that your wedding will be one to remember, and not one to miss.


Christmas wedding invite

Glittery snowflakes are the best accessory for winter weddings!

What really makes our stationery sparkle (sometimes literally!) are the wonderful accessories we use to compliment your designs. With a Christmas theme to work with, we can offer even more options that usual!

Ribbon can turn your stationery from a piece of card into a Christmas present! Wrap it up in glitter and quality card and put a bow on top, there’s nothing quite like it. We always try to create designs that are worth keeping forever, and by using high quality ribbons it keeps them as amazing as the day they arrive!

Adding flowers always makes wedding stationery special and this time of year is no exception. Break any frosty feelings by bringing some more nature into your special day. We often add leaves to create a rustic look. You can have holly leaves, palms or even spray them white and silver to keep the wintry style!

Unique to this time of year are sparkly snowflakes that turn your venue into a winter wonderland. Adding them to your invitations or save the date cards will tell your guests that they’re in for a treat.

If you aren’t sure which accessories will suit your stationery best, you can order a free sample to hold them in your hands and decide if they’re right for you. With Idodesigns, perfection is the bare minimum, we won’t stop until your 100% happy with your designs!

Match Your Style

Unlike other stationery sellers, what you see in our galleries is not all we offer! We have a very special bespoke design service where you can create your dream designs from scratch. Anything you can imagine, from unique materials to accessories, send us an email and we’ll make it a reality.

Weddings are all about style, and everything we create will be customised to match you and your partner’s personalities. This will make your special day unique and give your loved ones the experience of a lifetime.

Christmas Day Stationery

Christmas day stationery

    A Christmas Order of the Day Board!

If you want Idodesigns to be with you throughout your wedding day, we have day stationery available too!

Any of these can be given a dose of Christmas magic. Add glitter, change the colour, or even add fake snow! No matter how you’re embracing the Christmas spirit, we will customise your day stationery to match your vision.

To learn more about our wedding day stationery designs we created a blog all about them a few months ago with detail about everything you need for your wedding day and reception.


Merry Christmas from Idodesigns!   

We’ve had a fabulous year of creating gorgeous wedding stationery, we hope you’ve had a good one too! If you’d like to know more about any of our stationery, order a free sample, or use our bespoke design service, please get in touch.

2023 will be full of amazing weddings, and we hope to do our part! Until then, have a great Christmas season, and we’ll see you next year!