Merry December everyone! It’s time for our final blog of the year, so let’s make it a fun one. We’ve talked about Christmas weddings before (and how amazing they can be!), but this time we’ll be picking the best wedding stationery for someone very special.


Is Father Christmas Married?

You hardcore Santa-fanatics out there will already be crying out: ‘Father Christmas is already married!’. That’s true, him and Mrs Claus have been happily married for over 2 centuries now, making them one of the ultimate power couples.

Weddings back in 1815 were pretty different to how they are now, and the Clauses have been jealous of all the wonderful weddings happening around the world. So, they’ve decided to have a new ceremony, and reached out to their favourite wedding stationery supplier for some advice.

Well Mr and Mrs Claus, we’re happy to help! This isn’t just for them either, if you’re planning a wedding, and are thinking about the Christmas or winter theme, read on for some festive inspiration!


The Best Christmas Wedding Stationery

We love a winter wedding, and if you’re having your special day during the festive season, why not go all out and embrace the Christmas theme? If you blend the fun of a wedding with the fun of Christmas, that’s double the fun!

Father Christmas’ guest list will be quite impressive, he’s made a lot of friends over the years, and if he invites the elves and reindeer, it’ll be one for the ages. Let’s just hope he checks his list twice before ordering his invitations!

Wedding invitations are the first taste your guests will get of your wedding, so it should match your chosen theme. But what does the Christmas theme look like?


Christmas Themed Weddings

When you picture Christmas, there’s a certain colour scheme that you can’t escape.

It doesn’t have to be bright red to look fantastic!

Red is the big one, and it’s one of the most popular colours for weddings any time of year. The colour of love is perfect for your wedding stationery and can either be the base colour or used more subtly as borders, accessories or even text!

For a winter wedding, blue designs are a must!


But red isn’t the only Christmas-y colour. If Father Christmas wants a more traditional look, he can go back to his roots and incorporate some green into his wedding designs. The deep green of a Christmas tree is fantastic when combined with red on wedding invitations, although it’s a little too dark to write your text on, unless you make the wording a very light colour like white or silver.

Speaking of white, it’s the colour for weddings, and suits the festive theme too. A big white wedding looks great all year round, and you’re free to splash in some bolder colours to complement the traditional style.

Finally, how about blue? It may not be in the top 3 Christmas colours, but pale blue is a very wintry shade, and looks fabulous when paired with white for winter weddings. It’s also a perfect colour for accessories, which leads us onto:


Best Accessories for Christmas Wedding Stationery

Without accessories, invitations and day stationery can look flat and plain. The designs you choose should express your sense of style, and accessories are the best way to do that.

There are a lot of different accessories you can use for a Christmas wedding. Let’s go over some of our favourites.

Christmas Wedding Invitation, green with white snowflakes and red ribbon

Ribbon and snowflakes blend together for the perfect Christmas invites!

Flowers – It’s not a wedding without flowers, but they can be used for more than just floral displays. Adding pressed flowers to your designs will not only complement the ones you’ve chosen for the big day but make the design itself look even more amazing.

Ribbons – We always recommend adding ribbons to wedding stationery to add an extra splash of colour and texture. For Christmas weddings they’re even better, as you can literally wrap them in a bow! Yep, a red ribbon is a perfect addition, but you can also add white, blue, or green ribbons for the same effect.

Snowflakes – The most iconic accessory for a winter wedding is the classic blue or white snowflake. If added to your invitations your invitees will know exactly what to expect, and if incorporated into your day stationery, you’ll turn your venue into a winter wonderland.

Glitter – This may not be the biggest accessory in the world, but glitter and Christmas weddings go hand in hand. Make your designs sparkle with some added glitter; you can even sneak some into your envelopes too!

All of our stationery is made from high-quality craft materials, including our accessories. This means that not only do our creations look better than our competitors’, but they last a long time too!



Christmas Wedding Day Stationery

When it’s time for the big day, you want day stationery that will look as amazing as you’ll feel. There are a lot of different types of day stationery for weddings, including:

  • Order of Service
  • Welcome Boards
  • Table Plans
  • Table Names
  • Place Cards
  • Menus
  • Guest Books

This may seem a little daunting, but if you have a distinct theme for your wedding, your day stationery will all have a similar design that also matches your invitations.

For the larger pieces of stationery, such as welcome boards and table plans, you have more space to work with, and can add more accessories or larger borders to express yourself more. Just be sure to save enough room for all the information, we don’t want the reindeer to get lost!

On the other hand, your smallest designs will need to be nice and simple. Place cards can be a piece of quality card with a small design attached, or even left plain. The font you choose will be in full display here, so be sure to choose one that looks fantastic.

Finally, menus. These can easily be the piece of stationery your guests spend the longest looking at, so they deserve to look great. As with all of your designs, a nice border adds a lot, and will highlight all the delicious meals they can choose from. However, since these are most often part of your invitations, you might not have as much room to work with, so choose a thinner border that gives you enough room for clear text.


Merry Christmas from Idodesigns

Well Mr and Mrs Claus, we hope this blog will help you create a very special wedding. And if you’re thinking about getting married soon, we hope we’ve explained why Christmas weddings are so popular, and why our designs are like no other, no matter the season.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about us or any of our products, please get in touch. Or you can check out our blog for more information and inspiration.

We look forward to hearing from you!