‘Idodesigns’ Guide for On the Day Wedding Stationery. What you need and when to use it.’

When choosing wedding stationery for your big day, couples are often surprised by the variety available, it isn’t only invitations you need to think about, there’s during and after the ceremony too. There’s already a million-and-one things to think about, so leave it to Idodesigns to make choosing your day stationery a lot easier. It’s the least we can do!

What is Day Stationery?

Wedding Day Stationery is everything that guides you and your guests throughout your wedding day. They will often match the theme of your invitations, despite needing very different content. Here is what you could need:

All of these are more options to express your individuality on your wedding day. You could let them be plain and boring, or design something that will stand out. Place cards, for instance, can be a great souvenir for your guests.

Day Stationery for Tables

We always recommend continuing your colour scheme or invitation themes throughout your day stationery or you could add a fun theme for your wedding, table names and place cards are an easy way to make them memorable. Choose a favourite film or TV show and name each table after characters, places, or scenes from it. If you are a gay couple and have chosen to use a rainbow theme, have each table be a different colour!

Table Plans can look amazing, and should match the place card theme! 

Naming tables after famous locations, countries you have visited or places from your home town can also be a lot of fun, especially if you plan your seating around them. Seating plans need to be easy to read. Our Table plans can be up to A1 in size so there is plenty of opportunity to express yourself…even a simple floral design adds a lot!

Wedding Menus

Menus are a very important part of the wedding planning process. Choosing the best meals from the best suppliers so no guest is left hungry. Some couples choose to have individual menus printed for each guest others have one per table. We can even add menu details to individual name place cards – the options are endless, and it really depends on personal choice. Quality materials and printing coupled with images of each choice leaves your guests with no doubt that it’ll be a special day for them as well as you.


Two of our menu designs, one simple and one more complex. There is a lot of choice available! 

Menu options are often sent out alongside your invitations, as a separate piece of stationery or incorporated into the invite itself (there are many different invitation styles such as pocket fold or chequebook that have room for menus!).

Invitations give your guests a taste of what to expect on the day. It is therefore crucial to make them look as good as possible. So, if your menu is going to be in the same envelope, it has to look amazing too!

Orders of Service

Orders of service can be used for both civil and church weddings. Distributed to guests as soon as they arrive for the ceremony, these outline the service and can include Hymns, Poems, Readings, Music, Photographs, or anything else you would like add. Orders of the Day can include information and timings about the Order of Events for your big day. Orders of the Day give your guests an idea of what to expect and when, which can help them to sit back and enjoy the day.

Adding small images to an Order of Service can be a lot of fun and make a simple design stand out! 

An Order of Service or Order of the day can be in a booklet or flat card design. They can make a lovely keepsake for your guests to remind them of your special day. One of the main reasons we only use the best materials (as well as looking and feeling great!) are because they last for a long time. Pictures and videos are amazing mementos but having something physical is more special.


An Order of Service is not a necessity, but they can help to keep the ceremony running smoothly. If you are having a short, simple ceremony then an Order of Service may not be needed. Ultimately, it’s your choice.


The biggest piece of stationery to design, welcome and order of the day signs are the first thing many of your guests will see on the day of your wedding.

Welcome boards can really show off the theme of your wedding! 

If you are using a venue with multiple events on at once, having signs is essential so that your guests know where to go. By having them match your other designs this will make it even easier.

Don’t Leave it too Late!

If you’re planning your wedding stationery, you should plan all of it, not just your invitations. Don’t worry, Idodesigns is here to help!

If you have any questions about our designs or want to learn more, please get in touch today!