What to send to evening wedding guests, and how they can look amazing!

If you’ve been to a wedding before, it was probably as either an all-day or an evening guest. Deciding who are your day and evening guests is the first hurdle you will encounter when planning your wedding. Lets be honest, weddings can be costly so there has to be a limit to how many people attend. There may also be limits to how many guests your chosen venue can hold. Generally your evening guest list is for friends and family members who aren’t as close to the couple or couldn’t make it for the full day.

Being an evening guest may mean you miss the ceremony, but you still get to enjoy all the fun later on!

    Evening Wedding Invite Design     Pocketfold Evening Wedding Invitation    Pocket Fold Evening Invitation

Evening invites can be bright and colourful, or a more traditional theme that matches the season. The choices are endless! 

What are Evening Wedding Invitations?

Sent out alongside the all-day invitations, evening invites are often a simpler design with less essential information for guests. Less information means that evening invitations can be smaller than their all-day counterparts, saving you money on printing and postage.

Unless you decide otherwise, they will match the rest of your stationery and are one more opportunity to show off what you’ve created.

What to include on Evening Wedding Invites

They may have less information as a rule than all-day invitations, but there’s still a lot you can include for your guests:

  • Venue Location
  • Time to Arrive
  • Parking Information
  • RSVP details
  • Gift information
  • Song Requests*

*An optional choice, but a fun thing to include! Giving guests a chance to add their favourite song to the evening playlist will make sure everyone gets on the dance floor!

Designing Evening Invitations

Evening invites are often a flat card design. This is ideal as they are a little more cost effective but you’ll still have plenty of room for the info you need and space for designs or accessories to give guests an idea of the theme of your wedding. Replicas of your day invitations can also be made but on a smaller scale, for those wishing to keep the design conisitant.

More elaborate styles are best saved for main day invites or on the day stationery, but you should always make your invites stand out. A stunning invitation is an amazing keepsake for guests to remember the day so make sure all your stationery looks great and is made to last! 

All our designs are made of the highest quality materials to guarantee they last for a long time.

             Gatefold Evening Wedding Invitation                      Pocket fold Evening Invitation

A darker colour scheme works well for evening invites, and a bit of glitter is always a go-to!

When to send Evening Invites

Evening wedding invitations should be sent out alongside the regular ones. That way you can get them posted all at once, saving a trip to the post office, and you will receive all your RSVPs around the same time. 

Gnerally evening invitations don’t have a seperate rsvp card, your reply details can be printed directly onto the invitation so guests can reply via email, tel or messgae. If you choose to have a seperate rsvp card we recommend making the RSVP cards slightly different with headingsdifferent colour card and clear wording. This helps you tell at a glance who is an evening guest and who will be there for your ceremony. A pre-addressed envelope can be included (at an extra cost) to make it as easy as possible for your guests to reply.

To give friends and family enough chance to book time off work and be sure of their availability, we recommend sending your invitations 6 – 12 months prior to your big day. Save the date cards can sent as soon as your final date is booked.

The Best Evening Wedding Invitations

The venue is chosen. The date is set. All you need now is to invite some guests. Don’t worry, Idodesigns are always here to help!

We are an award-winning company with a down-to-Earth attitude and years of experience creating gorgeous wedding stationery. If you’re planning your wedding, we’ll guide you through every step of the process and create some amazing designs together.

If you’d like to know more about anything we do, please get in touch for a chat or check out our other blogs and galleries to see more!