All you need to know about LGBTQ Weddings, and how we can help you and your partner plan the Perfect Day!


Pride Month is here, and many same-sex couples are planning their weddings. It can be tricky to decide what best suits you and your partner, especially when there are many limiting factors that can affect the big day. There’s nothing worse than having it all planned out in your head but then discovering that some elements just won’t work. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

This blog will explain how LGBTQ+ couples can plan their wedding to make the best of their individuality, and to show everyone why these events can be far more spectacular than any traditional ceremony.



Starting to plan a wedding is a daunting prospect for any couple. The best way to start the process is to attend a wedding fayre. These events not only help you choose suppliers for stationery and flowers, but also show you exactly what is needed for your wedding. The process is stressful enough without having to sort something you’ve forgotten last minute!

‘Wedding Fayres not only help you choose suppliers, but also show you exactly what is needed for your wedding.’

There are also wedding fayres specifically for LGBTQ couples, so you can find exactly what you need. We will have a stall at the Manchester Gay Wedding Show in September. It’s at the Hilton Hotel on the 25th September, 12 – 3pm – we’d love to see you there! 


How are Gay Weddings Different?

Same-sex weddings differ from traditional heterosexual weddings in a number of ways. We’ll go into more detail about each part, but first let’s list what makes them special:

  • The Venue – Outside of Scotland you can’t use a church for the ceremony and will have to find a specific venue that will host your wedding.
  • The Officiant or Celebrant – Similar to the venue choice, you’ll need to find someone qualified and willing to officiate the ceremony.
  • The Photographer – Someone who has photographed gay weddings in the past is ideal.
  • The Ceremony – On the day, there are many ways to break from tradition and create something truly memorable, such as including special spiritual/symbolic acts that will bond you together as strongly as any Bible passage (more on these later!).
  • The Design – Stationery, flowers, even seating arrangements can be customized to suit you and your partner, and you won’t be limited by tradition!


Some of our Rainbow Invitations                  

The Venue

Whether you are getting married or holding a civil partnership ceremony, finding the perfect venue is essential. There are hundreds of gay-friendly venues across the UK, so you should be spoilt for choice if you book early! The size of your guest list is the main factor, with your plans for the reception a close second, you need to make sure there will be enough room. If you’re planning on incorporating new traditions into the ceremony, you should also confirm with the venue that they can accommodate them too.

The Officiant or Celebrant

Your Officiant (or Celebrant if you’d prefer a more religious ceremony) should be someone who has married gay couples before. That way they can guide you through the ceremony and will have a good idea already of what will work best on the day.

‘Invent your own ceremony, something much more personal.’

If you have a specific ceremony in mind already, a Celebrant may suit you better as they will be used to conducting a wider variety of ceremonies, including spiritual acts such as a ring warming or a sand or candle ceremony. These options give your wedding a more religious feel, without the Christian traditions, and make your union feel more special than just vows and scripture. You’re also free to invent your own ceremony, something much more personal for you and your partner. An experienced gay wedding celebrant will be willing to conduct any ceremony, even if it is brand new to them.

The Photographer

You may think that anyone experienced with a camera could capture your wedding but hiring someone who has photographed other gay weddings would be better-suited. Wedding photographers often have an idea of the pictures they want, and a same-sex couple could throw them off if they’ve not worked with them before. Look out for one at the next wedding fayre you visit!

The Ceremony

There are many wedding traditions that don’t work for gay weddings and can cause confusion if you have little experience with them. For instance, who walks down the aisle when it’s a same-sex couple? Many couples choose to walk down the aisle together, so you can share the exhilaration of every head turning to look at you. Similarly, with gay couples you are free to shop for suits or dresses together and can even get changed in the same room before the ceremony begins. No need for traditional superstitions!

The Design

The most important thing about your wedding day is having the perfect style (and not just because it’s what we do!). Gay couples have the advantage of more freedom to go wild with their designs and really express themselves. If you’ve been to a same-sex wedding before, you’ll know the can be more memorable than any other.

If you’re lucky enough to be getting married in June, why not embrace the rainbow theme? Fill the venue with colour, from the flowers to the table cloths (having one colour per table can be a great theme!). Rainbow banners look amazing, and the stationery can match or have a paler design that stands out from the colourful backdrop. White or cream card on a rainbow-coloured table will ensure no one forgets to pick one up.

You could even push the boat out and ask your guests to wear bright colours to really make the day special, just give them plenty of time to plan their outfits. Many of our wedding invitation designs can include dress codes or suggestions to help provide your guests with all the info they need.

Some more of our same-sex wedding stationery

Ready to Start Planning?

LGBTQ weddings are fabulous in every sense of the word. They are an expression of love and individuality, a combination that creates the most memorable weddings ever. We hope this post was helpful, for more information and inspiration, please check out our design gallery or get in touch to learn more!