Wedding Table Names Ideas and Themes

Lots of couples we work with choose to “name” the tables at their wedding breakfast rather than number them. It’s an easy and lovely way of adding a personal touch to your big day.  We are often asked for ideas and inspiration for wedding table names, so we have compiled a selection of some of the most popular and unusual ideas we’ve come across.

If you have a different idea in mind then let us know as we will be able to help you.  Here is a link to see more of our table name designs and ideas.

Flat table numbers simple without ribbon rustic brown kraft cardTraditional Table Numbers

Traditionally the wedding table names are not named the wedding breakfast tables are numbered.   Most couples keep the “top table” separate and number their guest tables from 1.  Have a think as to whether you would prefer to use digits (1, 2, 3 etc..) or words (one, two, three etc..).  Usually our table numbers are A6 size.

Star Wars Planet themed Wedding Table NamesStar Wars Planets

This isn’t the most popular choice of table names I’ve come across and I must admit I had never heard of them before … but they are a fab idea (only!) if you love Star Wars .. a LOT!

Famous couple themed Wedding Table NamesFamous Couples

Another option for your wedding table names you can choose any combination of famous couples. Ideas include famous dancing partners, movie characters and famous married couples.

Table Names themed around places visitedFavourite Places/Events

This is of the most popular themes I get asked for. I can easily incorporate personal photos images onto your table if you’d like me to.

Manchester City themed Table NamesSports Teams & Players

I suppose the groom can have his say on something …!  Build you very own “dream-team” by naming each of your guest tables after your favourite players.

Favourite Pub themed Wedding Table NamesFavourite Pubs & Bars

People like to use the name of the bar where they met as the top table and then the guest tables as their favourite bars.

Ski resort themed Wedding Table NamesSki Resorts

This is a slightly different take on places you’ve been .. if you love skiing then why not use this as a theme for you and your guests?

Special personal event themed Wedding Table NamesSpecial Places, Events, Dates and Months

Another option for your wedding table names is – If you have a collection of places and events then it’s nice to use them as your table names – some people like to add little notes on for their guests to get more of an insight as to why such places are so special.

Castle themed Wedding Table NamesCastles

If you’re getting married in a castle then this is a lovely ideas for a theme. You can name all of your guest tables are famous and/or local castles.

Randomly numbered Wedding Table NamesDays/Years Since …

I’ve done this theme a few times and it’s a good way of “randomly” numbering your tables. For example 866 days since we met.

Love Heart Sweet themed Wedding Table NamesSweets

A popular choice for favours is sweets and candy buffets are a popular addition too so sweet themed table names would fit in really nicely.

Winter themed Wedding Table NamesWinter & Christmas

Ideal for a Winter Wedding with a Christmas wedding theme. You can choose all-sorts of names including wintery snowflake, holly, Christmas and sparkly jingle bells.

New York Themed Wedding Table NamesNew York

New York is a very popular theme – whether it’s where you may have got engaged or it’s where you’re heading on honeymoon it’s a popular choice of theme.

12 Days of Christmas themed Wedding Table NamesTwelve Days of Christmas

This is one of my favourite Christmas Table Number themes .. it works because of the numbers and the Christmas theme. It would only work if you have 12 tables or less.

Champagne themed Wedding Table NamesCocktails & Wine

Are you serving cocktails or wine at your reception? If so this is a nice way of incorporating the theme into your table names.

Las Vegas themed Wedding Table NamesLas Vegas Casinos

This is a popular theme if you’re planning on going out to Vegas on your honeymoon or even if you have been before and it’s your favourite place!

I Love You in different languages themed Wedding Table Names“I Love You” in different languages

This is a slightly different way of linking your table name theme to countries you may have visited whilst you’ve been together.

Race Horse themed Wedding Table NamesFamous Race Horses

This is a good idea either of you have an interest in horse racing or even if you have a family history linked to racing.

Shades of Blue themed Wedding Table NamesShades of Blue

if you are planning a blue themed wedding colour scheme then these would be perfect as each table is named after a different shade of blue.

Police themed Wedding Table NamesPolice

I was involved in preparing the stationery for a couple of police officers who were getting married. They decided to name their tables are different terms for the police.

Chinese themed Wedding Table NamesChinese Symbols

This was a lovely idea for a theme I was asked to make recently which incorporated the Chinese symbols for lots of happiness and love themed words.

Autumn leaf themed Wedding Table NamesTrees

We have lots of different tree and leaf themed images which can be used on your wedding table names. It’s a popular theme for the Autumn months.

Golf course themed Wedding Table NamesFamous Golf Courses

If either, or both of you, have a keen interest in playing Golf then how about naming your guest tables after well known golf courses or even courses you have played together?

Halloween themed Wedding Table NamesHalloween

Halloween themed weddings might not be for everyone but I did enjoy making these!  Whatever theme you may be planning for your wedding then just let me know.

Paris Landmark themed Wedding Table NamesParis

Similar to the New York theme, Paris is also a very popular theme – whether it’s where you may have got engaged or it’s where you’re heading on honeymoon it’s a popular choice of theme.

Easter Egg themed Wedding Table NamesChocolate Easter Eggs

If you are planning your wedding date for over the Easter Bank Holiday then these Chocolate Easter Egg themed table names would be perfect .. how about using mini eggs for the favours too?

Horse Breed themed Wedding Table NamesHorse Breeds

If you own a horse or simply just love them then this is a great idea.  You can use the breed of your own horse for the top table and then your favourites for the guest tables.

Cheese Themed wedding Table NamesCheese

This has to be one of my more random projects ..but brilliant if you love cheese and are maybe having a “cheese” cake.

Ice Cream themed Wedding Table NamesIce Cream Flavours

Why not?! This was a theme I was asked to create for a family involved in the dairy farming business who were serving homemade ice cream for dessert at their wedding breakfast.

Designer Brand themed Wedding Table NamesDesigner Brand Names

For the lover of designer brand names ..!  The image shown here also incorporates lace, ribbon and 3 fancy diamante embellishments for added luxury.

Book Chapter Themed Wedding Table NamesBook Chapters

This is a slight twist on table numbers but just use “chapters” instead .. this is perfect for a couple who enjoy reading.

Cotswold Themed Wedding Table NamesThe Cotswolds

I love the Cotswolds so I think this is a lovely theme. It’s even more perfect if you’re planning a wedding in the area.

James Bond themed Wedding Table NamesJames Bond

If you have a real love for James Bond then why not?!  Each of the tables including the top table can be named after your favourite James Bond films.

Hindu God Themed Wedding Table NamesGods

This Hindu God theme was specifically for a couple I met as the groom was Hindu.  Each of the tables are named after different Hindu Gods, including the Hindu God of Love.

Famous Engineer themed Wedding Table NamesFamous Engineers

This was a theme I was asked to work on by a couple who were both engineers. The tables were named after famous engineers and then there was wording underneath with each of their histories.

Flower themed Wedding Table NamesFlowers

Flowers play such a big part of a lot of people’s wedding days so you could pick your favourite flowers for your table names.

Walking Themed Wedding Table NamesWalking and Hiking

If you both enjoy walking then how about naming your guest tables after you favourite country walks and routes .. the design show here even includes some cute footprints too!

First Dance song Lyric Clues for Wedding Table NamesFirst Dance Song Lyric Clues

This theme really stood out to me as each table is named after a word from the first dance.  The names are very random .. I wonder if any of the guests actually worked it out!

Lake District Themed Wedding Table NamesThe Lake District

If you live in the Lakes, love the Lakes or are even planning to get married there then this theme is great .. simply name your guest tables after well known lakes in the Lake District.

Popular Love Film Wedding Table Name themeFilms

How about naming your tables after popular and well known romantic love films .. you would of course save your favourite for the top table!

I do hope you have found this article about Wedding Table Names ideas useful and interesting.  If you are planning your wedding table name for naming the tables at your own wedding and have a different theme in mind then let us know.  We have helped many people out with their chosen wedding themes.

If you need any further assistance or advice then please feel free to drop me a line.