Welcome to our Pocketfold wedding invitation design gallery. Here you will find an extensive collection of designs for you to choose from.

Our pocketfold invitations are available in different shapes and sizes. These can all be customised to suit your themes, colour preferences and styling.

All our samples are fully personalised to your own themes and colours, so you can get a real feel for how your stationery will look. Simply browse our designs, choose an idea and request a free sample.

If you would like to discuss any ideas or order an sample then please get in touch.

Our luxurious Pocket fold wedding invitations are a book design. This opens to reveal your invitation insert with several loose information cards, neatly stacked inside a pocket. They are a versatile option as they come in many designs and can include a lot of information about your wedding day.

With all of our pocketfold invitaions you will get an invitation insert, and 2 loose inserts neatly stacked inside the pocket. These loose cards can hold an array of information; RSVP details, hotel information, menu options, local taxi details gift poems/lists, dress code etc. Your options are endless!  An extra card can be added depending on the amount of information you would like to include (3 max).

Our pocketfold invitations can feature a personalised plaque on the front, with ribbons, lace, bows or buckles laid along the left hand side. We have many styles available, with or without plaques. As with all our invitations, we can customise the design to suit your theme, colour scheme and styling.

Our pocket fold invitations start from £5 each. Prices will vary due to materials and design. However we will try to meet budgets wherever possible.

If you would like to discuss any ideas or order an sample then please get in touch.

What information should you include on a RSVP card?

Traditionally RSVP cards should include the following:

  • Space for the guest names
  • Acceptance/Declination tick boxes
  • A Reply by date
  • Any special dietary requirements
  • A return address

More recent additions are:

  • Space for menu choices if you have provided options
  • A song request
  • Gift list/Gift request information
  • Alternative rsvp details ie; email address, telephone number or a dedicated wedding website.

Can you ask for money in a wedding invitation?

Traditionally, wedding gifts were to help set up the newly married couples first home. Recently more couples live together before they marry. So have most things they need. Requests for monetary gifts or money towards a honeymoon are becoming more and more popular. There are various ways to politely request monetary gifts, for example;

  • gift poems – we have a large database of gift poems for various purposes ie honeymoon, home improvements etc
  • wedding registry websites
  • post boxes are popular at weddings, so guests can make a deposit!

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