It’s been a long old winter, and now the end is finally in sight! Spring not only brings flowers, lambs, and blossom, but is also an amazing time to host your wedding. If you’re one of the lucky couples getting married soon, we’re here to inspire you with the best stationery for spring weddings.


Should I get Married in Spring?

Spring is often overlooked as a time to get married, many couples choosing summer simply because it’s the most popular. For good reason of course, but with venue prices spiking and fewer dates available over the summer months, it’s important to think about other options.

Spring weddings have a lot of the advantages of summer, with weather that is just warm enough for an outdoor event if you time it correctly. July and August heat can be stifling for guests in all their finery, whereas a cooler day with plenty of sunshine will be much more pleasant for everyone.

However, weather is still the biggest factor when it comes to spring weddings. April showers may be fun to sing about, but if you’re caught in one on your way to the church it can dampen your day in more ways than one.

But if you time the weather well, you’ll make your special day even more so.


Outdoor Spring Weddings

If you’ve picked out a gorgeous location for your wedding, and it’ll be on a lovely spring day, it’s almost a shame to not have the ceremony outdoors.

You have an amazing choice of spring flowers for a wedding in April or May; they’ll always look their best in natural light. When surrounded by fresh blooms and blossom growing naturally, you can double or triple your floral displays without spending an extra penny!

Garden weddings are just as popular too! You may not have forests and fields on all sides, but sometimes being closer to home is what you need. Plus if you’ve been spending a lot of time gardening, why not show it off?


Rustic Weddings in Spring

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, first of all thank you! But second, you’ll know that we at Idodesigns are huge fans of rustic weddings.

Rustic wedding invitations with leaves and white flowers around cream folded card

Rustic wedding invitations are some of our favourite to create!

Not only do rustic weddings look fabulous, but they give you more opportunities to express yourself with your stationery too. The big white wedding is what many dream of, and we can’t blame you for wanting it to be traditional. However, if you really want to make your day one to remember for your friends and family, rustic weddings are the way to go.

So what’s so special about rustic weddings?

First, the way it incorporates natural designs. Your flowers will go hand in hand with wood and hempen rope, making your ceremony look and feel like a scene from a fantasy novel.

If an outdoor wedding isn’t right for you, you can bring the outside in! Any venue can be made rustic with the right decorations and, of course, the perfect stationery.


Invitations for Spring Weddings

The most important piece of stationery we create are wedding invitations. These give your invitees a taste of your wedding months before it happens, as well as all the information they need to attend.

This is why you should establish your theme early when planning your wedding. Even if it is simple as a colour scheme or favourite flower, this will dictate the rest of your designs. You can choose an existing design from our galleries, or if you have the perfect creation in mind, we can make it a reality with our bespoke design service.

We also offer samples for any of our designs, so you can see and feel your creation in person before we print the full batch.

We love adding accessories to our designs, but it isn’t always the best idea for your invitations. When they have to make it through the post in one piece, even our best craft glue can struggle to keep flowers and ribbons attached. By saving your accessories for your day stationery, you can guarantee they’ll look fantastic, and will still be in great condition when it’s time to pack up.

Speaking of day stationery…


Day Stationery for Spring Weddings

Your biggest and boldest designs will be on full display during your wedding ceremony and reception. From welcome boards to menus and place cards, every piece is a new canvas to paint your personality onto.

Colourful Wedding invitation with white floral designs

Why settle for just one colour for your invitations?

Cream flat wedding invitations

Cream is a great base colour for invitations and save the date cards!

There are a few colours that really suit a spring backdrop:

  • White – The iconic wedding colour
  • Cream – More muted to help other colours pop!
  • Pale Blue – To match the fresh spring sky
  • Yellow – Like daffodils!
  • Pink – Making you think of sunsets and cherry blossoms

A more subtle colour is great for the base of your designs, but don’t be afraid to use a bolder shade if that’s what you prefer!


For your spring-y accessories, you can be traditional or rustic. Ribbons and flowers always look amazing, whereas rope, string, and flowers give your day stationery a more natural look.


More about Wedding Stationery

Having your wedding in spring is a fantastic idea, and even better if you embrace a rustic theme! We love to create stationery that’s a little bit different, as well as hearing your stories and bringing your designs to life.

If you’d like to learn more about us or any of our designs, please get in touch. For more advice about how to make your wedding special, check out our blog for fun ideas, inspiration, and insights into the world of weddings.

We look forward to hearing from you!