Colour Scheme Inspiration

If you are struggling to choose a colour scheme and are looking for some inspiration then hopefully this article will help you out. We have compiled a list of the most popular wedding colour schemes from our portfolio, plus some more unusual ones. So settle down and prepare to be dazzled with this colourful collection of designs!

Ivory or White

Ivory Colour Scheme

An increasingly popular wedding theme has been to keep the colour scheme really simple and to simply stick to ivory or white. Although this may seem quite simple but remember that there are many shades of ivory and white to choose from. You can easily add depth to your stationery by adding lace, ribbon and even a diamante or pearl.


Purple colour scheme

This is of the most popular themes I get asked for and although there are many shades of purple to choose from the most popular shade is definitely “Cadburys Purple” which is a really strong, rich shade.


black colour scheme

Whether you put this with ivory or white it is a very timeless, bold colour scheme.


pink colour scheme

Light, Dusky & Fuchsia Shades all create a perfect blend of sophistication and tradition.


green colour scheme

Greens available include Mint, Sage, Teal, Lime & Darker Emerald & Hunter Shades


silver colour scheme

This colour scheme works best with white but I have used ivory with it more recently and it looks fab.


peach colour scheme

I love peach and it’s becoming increasingly popular over the past year or so. It’s usually a pastel shade.


lilac colour scheme

Lilac is a lovely subtle pastel shade but it’s also quite a strong colour which doesn’t look too wishy-washy on its own.


brown colour scheme

I have done a few Chocolate Brown themed weddings – mostly simple with ivory card but on a couple of occasions. I have added some orange in for added colours – ideal for an Autumn themed event.


red colour scheme

I am often asked for Red as a colour scheme as a hint towards the groom’s football team! It is also a very traditional colour scheme which can be best suited to Christmas themed weddings.


burgundy colour scheme

I had a Burgundy and Ivory colour scheme for my wedding. It is a bold, classic colour but quite hard to match up with different things like chair ties and ribbon etc.


blues colour schemes

Blues available include Baby, Cornflower, Turquoise, Royal, Navy & Midnight Shades. Blue, similar to red is often based on favoured football teams, but can also provide a classy contrast to ivory and white.


aqua colour scheme

This is a slightly lighter shade of blue/green than turquoise and teal.

Charcoal Grey

charcoal colour scheme

For a darker colour scheme for your wedding then you need to consider charcoal. It looks fab and is an easy shade to match up with chair covers and ribbon etc.


gold colour scheme

I often use a “gold leaf” shade when asked for a gold colour scheme as it’s more subtle than the brighter yellow-gold colour which is also available. It definitely works best with ivory but can also work just fine with white.


coral colour scheme

Coral can be a total nightmare to match up in terms of dresses, ribbon and card but when it’s done well it looks stunning


lemon colour scheme

Whether you are looking for quite a bright lemon colour or a paler, pastel lemon shade they both look gorgeous. This is definitely a spring/summer colour scheme.


orange colour scheme

This is a very bright colour scheme which is usually used for Autumn themed weddings.

Using more than one colour

Here is a list of mixed colour scheme ideas which I’ve been asked to use over the years which I think work really well together.

Black & Red
Fuchsia Pink & Turquoise
Navy, Silver & Gold
Peach & Mint
Black & Gold
Navy & Fuchsia Pink
Navy, Fuchsia Pink & Lime Green

Light Pink & Silver
Brown & Orange
Navy & Lemon
Peach & Aqua
Turquoise & Orange
Turquoise & Brown
Fuchsia Pink & Lime Green

unusual colour schemes for wedding stationery

I do hope you’ve found this article about Colour Schemes ideas useful and interesting.
If you need any further assistance or advice please feel free to contact me.