Top 5 Questions to ask your Wedding Stationer

For anyone going through the process of organising a wedding you will know how stressful it can be. You want everything to be perfect but there is so much to do!  When it comes to selecting the right stationery for your wedding and the best stationers for the job there are 5 key questions you should be asking.  Read on to discover the Top 5 Questions to ask your Wedding Stationer:

  1. Do you offer a sample service?

Before ordering your wedding invitations it’s very important to see a sample of your chosen design.  Things in real life are often very different to photos.  Quite often what you see online isn’t what you get in real life. I always recommend asking your stationer to send you out a sample.  Once you receive your sample you will need to check the following things:

  • Weight, texture and quality of the card and paper used.
  • Colours and Shades of the card and ribbon.
  • Quality of the hand-finishing.
  • Attention to detail.

I would be cautious about ordering from a designer who isn’t willing to send you a sample prior to ordering.  A lot of companies charge for the initial sample service due to the time and work involved.  Our sample service is actually free.  We are more than happy to send you out one free sample of your favourite design.

Your initial sample may be a different colour scheme and have generic wording.  The purpose of the sample really is to check the quality of the work.  Colours and wording can all be finalised afterwards.

  1. Can we book a Consultation?

If you live locally to your favourite stationer then you can meet them and discuss your order face-to-face.  This can be a valuable and time-saving exercise as you can sit down and discuss your ideas and requirements. All consultations should be expected to be one a private, one-to-one basis.  Of course the sample service will be the alternative option if you don’t live nearby.

  1. Do you also sell matching stationery for the “day”?

Most couples want their wedding stationery to be consistent from the save the dates and invitations through to their orders of service, table plan, table names and place-cards.  One of the Top 5 Questions to ask your wedding stationer prior to ordering is definitely whether or not this is a service they can provide.  There would be nothing worse than phoning them nearer the time for matching stationery to discover they can’t help you!

I offer a complete stationery service so whatever design, materials and fonts you choose for your invitations these can be followed through onto your day stationery.

  1. Can we change the colours on your designs to match our theme?

Top 5 Questions to ask your wedding stationerLooking for stationery online can become quite mind-boggling and confusing.  You may pick out a design that you love but it’s only shown in purple .. but your colour scheme is navy.  Eek.  What you need to do is check with the designer to see if colour matching is a service they can offer.

There may be certain limitations depending on the design you choose but in most cases where ribbon and mounted card is used then I’m sure most companies will be as accommodating as possible.

It’s definitely worth asking before ordering a sample though as you don’t want to build your hopes up on a specific design and be stuck with ordering it in lime green!

  1. When and how do we pay?

I feel that it’s very important to know when money is due for your budgeting and wedding planning.  It’s definitely worth noting down timescales and when payments are due to help you keep on top of things.  Payment terms and the order process is often a subject that people like to avoid but I personally, I prefer to be completely upfront with my customers as will any reputable wedding stationer.

Also, whilst I know that I’m a trustworthy person who is running a legitimate business, I also understand that customers (especially those who find me online) don’t know me and have no reason to trust me …so just be careful of someone who is demanding full payment upfront from you in advance.  I’d like to think that everyone is as genuine and honest as myself but you just never know.

Finally, If there is the option to pay by credit cards then this also makes sense due to the payment and purchase protection element, and it is certainly one of the most popular ways I receive payment from my clients.

Top 5 Questions to ask your wedding stationer

I hope you have found this article covering the Top 5 Questions to ask your Wedding Stationer of interest.  If you do have any further questions you’d like to ask please contact me.  No question is a stupid question!

COMMENTS : Do you have any other questions that I have not covered here?