Damask Themed Gold Foiled and Ivory Pearlised Cheque Book Wedding InvitationOur Cheque Book wedding invitations are a contemporary and modern alternative to some of our more traditional styles.  All of our Cheque Book invitations feature a front cover, 2 pages inside and a back cover.  These pages can be used for whatever you choose but most couples opt to have an invitation page and a double-sided, perforated, RSVP “postcard”.  Extra pages are then available as required.

What’s Included

Pale pink and ivory cheque book wedding invitation with a round ivory pearl

Of course, as with all of our designs, all of the wording will personalised.  As standard the cheque book style invitations include:

  • Matt or pearlised card front cover
  • 2 Staggered & perforated pages printed onto matt or pearlised card
  • Matt or pearlised card back cover
  • Flat ribbon
  • A simple diamante or pearl

Shape & Size

Purple pearlised oblong landscape folded Evening invitation with metallic silver ribbon

Our cheque book designs are DL size.  The covers measure 210 x 99mm.  Smaller A6 size cheque books are available as a matching evening invitation on request and these measure 148 x 105mm.

Create your own style

It is very easy to personalise the cheque book designs.  We offer a wide variety of cover and font style options which can easily be mixed and matched to suit your wedding theme and style.

Here are some ideas  but if you’d like something different then please let us know:

  1. “Wedding Invitation” wording only – this can be placed in the centre or right aligned over to the side.  Infact you can have it set out however you like – just let me know.
  2. Black and Ivory cheque book wedding invitation with a small bow on the coverYou can have just your names and maybe your wedding date information on the cover.  The date format can be either written out in full like this: “Saturday 15th July 2017” – with or without the day or shortened to 6 digits to look like this: “15.07.17”.  Just let me know your preferences and I can prepare a sample for you to look at.
  3.  It’s also nice to have “Wedding Invitation” with your names and date underneath on the cover.  I really like it centred on the page with  a simple diamante or pearl underneath.
  4.  “Mummy and Daddy are getting married …”is a lovely idea for a wedding invitation cover where you are involving your children in your marriage.  The RSVP “postcard” can be addressed to the children too so as they receive the replies when they’re sent back.Lilac and ivory cheque book invitation with mummy and daddy are getting married wording
  5.  Instead of using your names you could opt to just have your initials instead.  This keeps the cover really simple.
  6.  Foiled script covers are also available (with either silver or gold foiling) on a wide range of pearlised card colours.  The wording can’t be changed but you can personalise these with different coloured ribbon and embellishments.
  7.  Purple and ivory cheque book with a plaque and butterfly themePersonalised plaques are a great way of adding further colour and detail to your invitation design.  The plaques are an optional extra and they do cost more – please check my price list for details.
  8.  If you are having a “theme” for your wedding then let me know and I shall see how I can look at incorporating this onto your stationery for you.  Popular themes include butterflies, hearts, snowflakes and birdcages.

With a wide range of cheque book wedding styles to choose from feel free to mix and match ideas and of course, all colours, wording and fonts can be personalised.

Pick your favourite design here …

Visit our Cheque Book Design Gallery here.

I hope you found this blog post interesting.

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