Happy November everyone, we hope you’re keeping warm! We’re bringing you a slightly different type of blog this time around, but it’s still a fun one. We’ve talked a lot about our designs, and always mention our free samples. So after only a brief mention and a link for so long, we decided that our wonderful samples deserved some time in the spotlight.

princess themed wedding invitation

Your big day will make you feel like a princess, but only if your invitations look fabulous!

Free Samples for Wedding Stationery

Most wedding stationery suppliers offer free samples for many of their products. It’s a great thing both for them and their customers. Galleries of images only do so much to sell each piece of stationery, and listing the materials looks good on paper, but means little to some people. Even the size of the design can be hard to imagine, especially for large-scale day stationery.

By sending out free samples, our customers can see and feel their chosen designs in their hands. This is especially important with our bespoke design service, where we work with clients to create the perfect unique designs from scratch. Unfortunately, as much as we love to show off our designs, our bespoke design service does carry a fee. But we are always happy to make small changes to the design free of charge.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the sample, we go back to the drawing board. Here are some of the many things we can change to suit your preferences:

  • Type of Invitation
  • Materials
  • Card Texture
  • Card Thickness
  • Font
  • Wording
  • Colour Scheme
  • Accessories
  • Size

We can change and customise any aspect of your invitations. However, as each sample is bespoke, additional samples after your first free one will incur a £5 fee. More than worth it when making your designs perfect.

Placing an order for a hundred-plus invitations is not one to take lightly; knowing exactly what they’ll look and feel like gives you and your partner peace of mind. Then you can focus on planning your special day.


What Wedding Stationery Samples to Order

If you’re creating wedding stationery from scratch, you should order samples for your invitations. It’s not necessary to order samples for your day stationery as the materials will be universal. We will also send you images of mock-up designs so you can still see what it looks like before you order.

bright yellow invitation in an orange envelope

A bold invitation like this should be crafted with confidence!

When to Order Wedding Stationery Samples

Planning a wedding requires a strict timeline. With so much to order, you need to know exactly what will arrive and when. You may know when you need your finalised stationery to arrive, and what day your invitations should be posted, but not take into account when you should get your samples.

You should order your samples around the time that your final guest list is complete. You’ll need to know the exact number of guests before you give us the green light. The number of guests can affect the wording on your stationery too.  Samples can be ordered at any time, the more time you give yourselves to finalise your design the better!

We do ask that you at least have your venue booked before ordering a wedding invitation sample. Save the date sample cards can be ordered without confirmation of a venue.

Even if your designs need revisions, this gives you plenty of time to receive additional samples (if needed) and place the final order. Then you should send your wedding invitations around 6-12 months before the big day.


What makes our Samples Special

It’s true that most wedding suppliers give out samples, but Idodesigns do it differently.

If you order a sample from some suppliers, what arrives on your doorstep won’t match what the real thing will look and feel like. You’ll get a cheap version of the final product, with flimsy materials and accessories, or a flat version that looks like it was whipped up in five minutes.

Now, we understand that sometimes materials are ordered after the initial payment is made, so suppliers might not be able to create an exact sample beforehand. However, when you order a sample from us, you’ll get a perfect representation of the final design, no matter what it’s made of.

Cream wedding invitation with red border and red ribbon. Black lace design frames the title be our guest

Intricate designs like this one should always be sampled so there are no surprises!

All of our samples are fully personalised with your details; bride and groom names, date, venue etc. We can edit the designs to incorporate your wedding colour themes by changing ribbons and card mounts to compliment your schemes. Take advantage of our free colour matching service, we will be happy to include several colour swatches with your free sample!

When your sample arrives and you open the envelope, we want you to see and feel the exact thrill that your invitees will. If you aren’t happy with them, your guests might feel the same, your invitations are the first glimpse your guests will receive of your big day so getting them right is important.

We think that the first thing you receive from us should be as high quality as everything else we produce. First impressions matter, and we want to sell ourselves from the word ‘go’. That’s why we put as much effort into our samples as we do into the final product. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be high quality.

This however, doesn’t mean that your invitations have to cost the earth, we believe our prices are extremely competitive and we can work to meet a budget. We can offer different options to our customers in the design process that may allow for a more cost-effective invitation – never using inferior materials or reducing the quality or design.

What makes our service special is how we develop a relationship with our customers. We want to get to know you and your partner, understand the type of wedding you are planning and the overall ‘look’ you want to achieve. so we’re on the same page when it comes to your wedding.

More about Our Samples

Offering free samples is at the heart of our service. For us, developing trust with our clients is the most important thing (apart from making their wedding amazing of course!). By sampling our designs, you can rest assured that the final products will look fantastic and will wow your guests from the moment they arrive.

If you’d like to learn more about our samples, or any of our products, please get in touch. Or you can check out our blog for more information and advice about wedding stationery.

We look forward to hearing from you!