We’re nearly a 3rd of the way through 2023; hasn’t it flown by? Time moves fast in the world of wedding trends, especially when it comes to wedding stationery. Our glue gun is always hot and our printer always whirring!

White dresses, bouquets, and confetti; an outsider might think that all the fancy ‘dos’ are the same. How wrong they are! Every wedding is special and custom stationery is a huge part of that.

No two weddings are the same, but there are trends that many follow. These are often talked about in the glossy wedding magazines that are always fun to read, and the gorgeous pictures inspire couples to do something similar.


The Most Popular Wedding Trends in 2023

For us, knowing what’s popular is part of the job. If rustic weddings are ‘in’, our rustic invitations are front and centre at every wedding fair we attend. The classic ‘big white wedding’ is always a popular choice, they look and feel like a fairy-tale, but many couples are pushing the love boat out this year and using some amazing themes.


Media-Based Weddings

Before you say it, this doesn’t mean Facebook-themed weddings (although I’m sure there’s been at least one!). Media based weddings and receptions are inspired by the couples’ favourite films, TV shows or books.

For example, FRIENDS-themed weddings are more popular than ever in 2023, with table names and place cards inspired by the timeless 90s comedy. With a theme like this, the more guests that know the show, the better. If you’re tempted to do something similar, choose your theme wisely so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Here are some other popular wedding themes in 2023:

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Star Trek
  • Disney

Any theme like this can easily be incorporated into the wedding invitations you send. An image from the show, quotes from the characters and even a themed wedding menu can be added to your designs, so your guests know how amazing your wedding and reception will be.


Rustic Weddings

As the weather gets warmer, we’re seeing more and more lucky couples getting married outside. Garden weddings, forest weddings, even beach weddings are best when the sun is shining and flowers are in full bloom.

Rustic Wedding Trends

Rustic invitations are some of the most fun to make too!

To match a wedding like these, we recommend a rustic theme for your stationery. They use a lot of leaves and flowers to give your designs a ‘natural’ look and can add hemp ribbons and ropes that match the venue.

If you’re outside all day, you need wedding stationery that is made to last. All of our creations, from welcome boards to place cards, are made of high-quality craft materials, so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart halfway through the ceremony.

We specialise in invitations and day stationery that will last for years after the big day, so you can enjoy happy memories whenever you see them. For advice on how to display wedding stationery, we did a blog all about it in January!



Destination Weddings

So many couples sadly had to postpone their weddings during Covid. This was especially bad for those who were going abroad for their big day. But now that Covid is less of an issue, many couples are packing their bags and flying out to wild and wonderful places for their weddings.

If you’re getting married in a favourite holiday destination or just somewhere with amazing views, your stationery deserves to match. Our designs can complement any country or culture with colours, accessories and images that blend with your theme while also standing out. You could even make your invitations look like a postcard!


Most Popular Wedding Invitation Designs 2023

It’s not just the theme of a wedding that changes with the times. Each year we produce hundreds of invitations that are unique, everything from the flowers to materials, even the shape can be special!


Curved wedding invitation

Look how well the design flows with the shape!


In 2023 curved edges are being used more often than sharp corners. Not only do these designs look great, but they are fun to make too! With added accessories that suit the curves, and font that fits smoothly around the curves and looks like it’s meant to be there.

If you want to create your own curved wedding invitations, you can use our DIY stationery kits to make whatever you can imagine. Or if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, we have a bespoke design service where you describe whatever you need, and we make it a reality.



Bellyband wedding invitation

Bellybands are simple, but look amazing!


A simple addition to your wedding invitations is all it takes to make them stand out. Bellybands are not only practical, keeping all parts of your invitation snugly together, but they also look great too!

Instead of just pieces of card inside an envelope, you get added depth to your invitations that ensures the extra cards won’t fall to the floor when your guest-to-be opens it. It’s no surprise that they are so popular!




When it comes to wedding invitation trends, the most popular font never stays on top for long. Sometimes fancy calligraphy is all the rage, but often bold and clear fonts are more popular. The latter is easier to read for your guests, so can be used on every piece of stationery so no one is lost or confused, but it has to fit your theme too.

Traditional weddings, with all their white and gold trimmings, suit calligraphy perfectly, whereas a bolder font will look out of place. If you’re unsure which font is ideal for you, check out our font guide for some handy advice!



You heard right, even envelopes can be trendy. Many couples are adding custom designs to their envelopes, so they stand out among the bills on postcards on your guests’ doorsteps. Your invitations are an opportunity to express yourself, and every inch of card or paper you use deserves special attention.

However, remember that your envelopes have a tough journey ahead, and still need to keep your invitations as safe as possible. This means that adding accessories isn’t recommended; only surface-level designs will make it all the way to the doorstep. We provide thick, craft-style envelopes that will guarantee your invitations will make it safely.


The Trendiest Wedding Stationery Supplier

Idodesigns are an award-winning wedding stationery supplier, and we know what’s popular too! 2023 has been an amazing year for weddings, and it’s only just getting started!

If you’re unsure which type of invitation suits you, or what day stationery you need, get in touch with us to start your stationery adventure.

We look forward to hearing from you!