At Idodesigns we work hard to create wedding stationery that is worth keeping forever! Instead of stuffing them in a drawer to get creased and dusty, you can turn your wedding stationery into memorable art pieces. Don’t believe us? Read on and be inspired!

We all love a trip down memory lane, and looking at your wedding invitations, orders of service or even wedding menus years after the big day fills your heart with joy and head with happy memories.

Instead of stumbling upon them when having a clear out, why not put them on display so you and your family see them every day?  Every time one of your wedding guests pops round for a visit, they’ll get a rush of nostalgia too!


How to Preserve Wedding Invitations

All our designs are made to last, but you should still find a way to keep them safe. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Keepsake Box
  • Laminating
  • Sleeving
  • Thick Envelopes

Keepsake boxes are a fantastic way to protect your wedding invitations, plus anything else from your wedding you want to keep. As well as your invitations, we recommend pressed flowers from your bouquet, photos, maps, menus and even your veil or tie if you have the space! The boxes can be as simple or ornate as you’d like, and you can even get some that lock with a special key so it’s more of an occasion when you open it.

Wedding Invitation Storage

This is the perfect type of box for keeping your wedding memories safe!

Laminating your wedding stationery is a simple but effective way to make them last forever. If you chose one of our classic flat designs laminating is easier, but more intricate designs such as gatefolds will be tricky to preserve. Also, if you chose to add accessories to your invitations, you may have to remove them to laminate, which is always a shame.

Sleeving is another simple solution. Sealable plastic sleeves are airtight and will stop any moisture ruining the designs but are easy to open to see your stationery in all its glory.

Finally, you can keep your invitations in a thick envelope to keep them safe. When we send a free sample of your invitation, it’s worth keeping the envelope.

Whatever option you choose, your wedding invitations and day stationery will still look as good as the day you first saw them!


Framed Wedding Stationery

If you want to put your stationery on display for the world to see, why not get them framed?

You can have a few options when framing wedding stationery depending on what you want to show off. Everything we create is gallery-worthy, so you can display any or all of our designs!

Wedding Stationery Shadow Box

This wooden shadow box could hold a wedding invitation and pieces of your day stationery too!

Framing wedding invites only takes a small frame, meaning it can be wall-mounted or placed on a sideboard, shelf, table or desk.

To create something really special, why not combine all the different types of wedding stationery into one piece of art? You can create a collage or line them all up neatly in one large frame. Day stationery differs in size so it may be fiddly, but once it’s all together it looks amazing! Plus, if you have a consistent theme throughout your stationery, it will all blend together perfectly.

If your designs have accessories attached such as flowers and ribbons, a traditional, glass-fronted frame may flatten the design. To avoid this try using a ‘shadow box’ with a deep frame. These have no glass, so your stationery keeps the 3D look that looks so good, while still keeping them protected.

As long as the frame is kept in a dry place, the designs will look great for decades.

Idodesigns only use the best craft materials and glues so your stationery will stay together and last a long time.


More Ways to Display

We love weddings that do something really different. Whether it is a themed wedding, rustic or just complementing your personality, there are plenty of ways that couples put the ‘special’ into their special day.

So, if you’ve already done something bold with your wedding, it’s fitting to do something similar with your wedding stationery! Here are some unique ideas we’ve seen:

Printing Your Invitation Design

You can print the wording and design of your invitations, menus or order of service onto any flat surface. This can include platters and plates, dishes or even tables! These can then be used for special occasions, or every day if you want!

Many people like to collect commemorative plates and dishes, so this will be an addition to the collection that is truly one of a kind.

It’s not just the bride and groom who keep their stationery! Our designs are so special that your guests will want to keep their invitations. If they want to give you a very special honeymoon gift or create something to remember a family member’s wedding with, they print the design onto something they’ll keep forever!


Decoupage is, sadly, an art form that isn’t as popular as it used to be. If you are just as sad about this as we are, you can keep it alive by decoupaging your wedding stationery!

Like with printing, you can apply the design to a tray, platter or plate but with added floral or rustic elements. If you have a distinct theme for your designs, it can be easy to expand and complement it into a beautiful piece of art.

Rustic wedding invitations are just waiting for some decoupage to look even more amazing! 

Decorations and Ornaments

We’ve saved the most creative idea for last!

You can turn your invitations and stationery into Christmas decorations or an ornament that looks great on the shelf. There are a variety of ways to do this. You can print the design onto the ornament or buy a hollow ball or bauble and put the invitation inside!

Doing this takes a lot of planning, you want to be sure this idea is for you before you break out the scissors. Cutting up your treasured stationery may sound like the worst idea in the world (it hurts us to imagine too!) but we’ve seen the amazing ornaments that people have created.

Baubles full of card, glitter and pressed flowers might not look like much at a glance, but then you get the pleasure of telling your loved ones what’s inside!


Ready to get Creative?

We hope this blog has sparked your artistic mind into overdrive and you’re already planning what to do with your stationery. Remember you can order a FREE sample of any of our designs before you buy!

Our only request is that you show us what you do with your stationery so we can enjoy your creations too!

To learn more about our designs, or read our wedding stationery guides, please check out our blog. Or you can get in touch with any questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!