Engaged over Christmas – What’s next?


So, it finally happened. And at Christmas no less! The most magical time of year became even more so when the big question was asked, and the answer was yes!

Now the adrenaline has settled, the champagne has been drunk, and it’s time to start planning….

The big day can be very varied, with tonnes of options on how, when, and where. Summer weddings are extremely popular, some might say the most desirable you can have. Blue skies, warm breezes, and everyone in a good mood.

Christmas engagement and Summer wedding – 6-8 months….yes, it can be done!

No one ever expects how much there is to think about, and it feels like there’s never enough time. It goes fast, but it can be done.  Here we share a few tips we’ve picked up over our years in the business and how we can help….

As summer is one of the most popular times of year for weddings, you need to pick a date and venue as soon as possible. Summer weddings are popular so venues get booked up, if you have a dream venue in mind you may have to be more flexible with your date.

Local google searches will come up with a variety of wedding venues, usually including a few that you didn’t know about.. even if you’ve lived on the local area for a long time.

We would advise to visit these venues in person; walk around the rooms, get a feel for them and see if you can imagine yourself there on your wedding day, with all of your guests.

  • Is there any outdoor space?
  • How would the layout work?
  • Where would the drinks reception be?
  • Where do your guests go when the room is set up for the evening reception?

There are lots of things to think about but actually being at the venue can help you visualise things much better. Most venues are now fully open and allowing prospective couples to view them. So first thing, get searching for your venue and confirm your date.

Our tips for summer weddings…

For those that dream of the balmy summer wedding in the UK or abroad and wish to plan an outdoor event, here are a few tips for outdoor weddings:

Keep It Cool

Have a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, an awning, gazebo or small marque should be plenty. If there are trees around, set up a couple of chairs or benches in the shade. Avoid metal chairs to avoid any painful surprises!

Have iced drinks for everyone, and even some sunscreen and portable fans for if you’re lucky enough to have a scorcher. Check if your venue can provide any air conditioning for outside, if not it’s worth adding a few standing fans to your checklist.

Dress For The Weather

Choose dresses and suits made of lighter fabric, no heavy veils or shoulder pads. Avoid long trains if you’re on grass, otherwise you’ll end up catching twigs. Go for comfortable shoes that won’t sink on grass or make you stumble on cobbles.

Perfumes can attract flies, it’s best to only spray after ceremony to avoid any unwelcome guests.

Wedding Flowers

Tell your floral designer if you’re keeping flowers outside so they know how much water to use when transporting them. Spraying them with water will make them turn brown fast, have water sources to put them after the ceremony to keep them looking nice.

If you’re planning on wearing flowers, remember that without a water source they’ll wilt quickly, so have backups or go without if you can. If you have a tossing bouquet, keep it in the site’s refrigerator or a cooler until it’s needed.

How can I Do Designs Help?

Once you have a date and a venue sorted – that’s where we come in…now’s the time to tell your guests!

For summer weddings we would advise to send your wedding invitations out as early as possible, 3-6 months prior if you can. People book holidays and trips away; schools are closed, more people are out and about….the more notice you can give your guests the more chance you will have of them being able to attend and be part of your special day.

Covid has been very tricky for many couples and with any uncertainty you may want to hold off on sending invites until closer to the day, but we would advise against this. In the case of dates needing to be changed, we offer Change of date cards. These are free to all customers who have placed an order with us.  We originally created these out of necessity, but regardless of covid, things can happen and things need to change. Our Change of Date cards offer you that extra piece of mind.

Ordering invitations from us is simple:

We have lots of other free downloadable resources available on our website including budget calculators, wording options, font choices etc.


Wedding Fayres

If you’re feeling stressed about the amount you need to organise, attending a wedding fayre can be a great help. And those Christmas engagements offer perfect timing, as wedding fayre season starts early spring. They can seem intimidating, all of these stalls trying to sell you their services, but will find all exhibitors are always friendly and very approachable, and provide excellent advice for brides-to-be. You will find a range of options for every part of your wedding; from flower arrangements to wedding cakes, dress and wedding rings and of course your wedding stationery.

By the time you leave you’ll have gained valuable knowledge about how it all works and hopefully have been inspired beyond your imagination…and you may even have a few things ticked off your list!

We will be exhibiting at a number of wedding fayres this year, if you are local why not come along!


  • The Spring Gay Wedding Show – 6th March 2022. 12-3pm

@ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn St., Manchester, M1 3DG


  • Red Event Wedding Fayres – 9th October 2022. 12-3pm

@ The Cottons Hotel, Manchester Rd, Knutsford WA16 0SU


  • County Bride Wedding Fayres – 10th April 2022. 11.30-3.30pm

@ The Monastery, 89 Gorton Ln, Manchester M12 5WF


We have a few other dates/events that we are waiting confirmation for. Please like our facebook page to keep updated with all of our wedding fayres.

Feeling a little more prepared? Nothing can fully ease the stress, but knowledge is power, and planning is vital. More importantly – enjoy it!  So, whether you choose to dive right in, or hold off and plan carefully, we hope we were able to help.