We get asked all the time what makes our wedding stationery special. It’s not a huge secret, just quality materials, hard work, and good communication. But we thought we’d put together a blog that explains the creation process for all of our stationery, which we hope will inspire you to create your own using our DIY stationery kits!

Creating gorgeous wedding stationery follows these main steps:

  • Customer Communication
  • Developing Initial Ideas
  • Sending a (Free) Sample
  • Printing and Perfecting
  • Sending with a Smile!

Let’s talk about each step individually:

Communication is Key

The process for our bespoke designs begins with a phone call or email from a potential customer who found our wonderful website. They have either found a design in our galleries that they like and want to create something similar or have a unique idea in mind that needs to be brought to life.

When you’re planning your wedding, you want it to stand out and feel special. There’s nothing wrong with finding a design you like in a gallery and adding them to your basket, (that is how we get most of our business after all!) but if it’s close to what you need, but not exactly what you imagine, that’s when we set up a call to tweak and redesign until your dream invitations are a reality.

If a customer has seen a design outside of our site that they really like, we can take inspiration from that too. We see amazing designs at wedding fairs all the time and use what we see to create our own unique pieces.

Finally, when the customer has a design they love, we send a FREE sample so they know exactly what they real thing will look and feel like. Sometimes images don’t do our invitations and day stationery justice, and the size can be a surprise, so it’s always important to see it in person before ordering the full batch.

Designing Your Designs

Custom Wedding Stationery Colour Swatches

Our colour swatches make it easy to match your wedding’s theme!

After the customer has received their sample, they tell us what they think. If it matches their colour scheme and general theme well, we move on to the design process. If they want a different colour, layout, font, embellishment, or foiling, we take a brief trip back to the drawing board to perfect what they need.

We offer a free colour matching service with swatches to complement or copy the existing theme. If the stationery is a shade different, it’ll stand out a tonne on the big day, so colour matching is essential.

Once the base design is finished, we ask the customer to choose their accessories. This is the most fun part, adding flowers, ribbons and more to make their wedding stationery truly special.

The final choice we need is all about words. Getting the wording and font perfect is vital, it’s the part guests will look at the most after all! Thankfully we have a font and wording guide that can help you see what different types will look like, and which would suit your invitations and day stationery the best.

When everything is finalised, we ask the customer for a 50% deposit, and then move on to the design process.


Bringing Ideas to Life

As soon as the deposit is deposited, we order our materials. We take great pride in the materials we choose, and our years of experience have taught us that high-quality craft supplies are the way to go. Everything from the card we choose to the glue that holds it all together is the best available.

When you’ve designed amazing wedding stationery, it deserves to look great for more than just your wedding day. Everything we create is built to last, so you can enjoy the happy memories for years after you said your vows and danced the night away. If this idea sounds fun, we wrote a blog all about how to display wedding invitations!

Colourful Ribbon for Custom Wedding Stationery

Ribbons are a gorgeous accessory that we love adding to custom designs!

High quality card for wedding invitations

We only use high-quality card for all of our designs!


Once materials arrive, printing and production begins. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and what accessories are needed. But if a customer needs their invitations or day stationery sooner, we have an express service that can speed up the process without sacrificing quality.




Do-It-Yourself Wedding Stationery

Trusting professionals like us to produce your designs guarantees high quality, but we can’t deny that it isn’t for everyone. It’s nearly impossible to have a cheap wedding, and couples do everything they can to keep costs down. Sadly, custom wedding stationery is an easy thing to sacrifice, but don’t worry, we have an alternative!

You can create your own designs using our DIY stationery kits, that give you all the materials you need to produce gorgeous invitations and day stationery that still has that Idodesigns stamp of quality.

Putting the designs together isn’t the easiest, so we provide in-depth instructions that guide you through the process. You can always drop us an email if you need any advice too!

Finally, remember that our designs aren’t all priced the same, so if you browse our galleries, you can find the perfect design at an affordable price.


The Cherry on Top

A batch of wedding invitations

Here’s a batch of designs ready to send!

When the printer has finished whirring and the glue has dried, the designs are ready to send. We always use tough packaging to ensure that everything will arrive in perfect condition. Then all that’s left to do is snap a few pictures for our gallery, so those designs can inspire more happy couples in the future.

Finally, with everything finished and sent off, the whole process starts again. We love what we do and do what we love. If you want to be our next exciting project, please get in touch!

We look forward to hearing from you!